Club Jade: Etsy Scavenger Hunt

Anyone a Club Jade fan? Anyone shop on Anyone a Star Wars fan?

I love cutesy things, especially when they are fashion and Star Wars related =).

Check out some adorable homemade Star Wars accessories at Club Jade: Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

Of the items they picked out, I love the Star Wars rings. They are so precious and read “I love you” on one and “I know” on the other. Perfect for any hopeless romantic ;).

Another great find is the Star Wars R2D2 hat. It’s definitely on my list of hats I would like to own..right up there with the Wampa hat sold at Star Wars Weekends!

Anyone else have these items in your wish list? :)

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About LillianSkye

Lillian Skye is an 18 year old, Christian Star Wars fangirl who has loved Star Wars since before she could hold a lightsaber. She enjoys wearing Her Universe and she manages to mention Star Wars or something sci-fi in almost every conversation. Her dream is to one day contribute to the official Star Wars magazine, Star Wars Insider.

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