App Review: Pocket Warwick

I’ve got a little bit of Hollywood in my pocket. That’s how Harry Potter and Star Wars actor Warwick Davis promotes his new mobile game app, Pocket Warwick. Pocket Warwick, which is produced by Offficial and developed by Matmi, is “a game where I live in your smart phone … it’s kind of like Tamagotchi meets Sims on acid,” Davis said in an interview recently at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando. The Davis in my smart phone sets out to prove that life in Hollywood is never easy. Aspiring actors often attend hundreds of auditions before being hired for a role in a commercial or film. In the game, I discover just how hard it is to show up prepared for an audition, as the goal is to help Warwick achieve his dream of becoming an A-list actor. You have to keep Warwick well fed and entertained, as well as make sure he exercises and reads his scripts for his many auditions.

But be careful not to neglect him. If you leave him unattended for a few days, he’ll pout when you open up the app and solemnly stare at you with pleading eyes until he’s properly fed, showered and read his personal copy of Life’s Too Short. You can dress him up in accessories, from a party hat and red shades to a frog suit, and decorate his house to your liking. You can even tilt your phone to the left or the right and hear Warwick slide off-screen and collide with an unseen obstacle. While this game probably won’t become as addicting as Temple Run or Fruit Ninja, it’s a fun game to entertain you in your free time. Warwick’s conversations are always pleasant to overhear, and he’s always chipper and smiling, awaiting your return. After a week, my Warwick is still a Z-list actor, but he’s working hard and doing everything in his, er, my power to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

Pocket Warwick is available today for free download on iTunes, and soon for Android devices.

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